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I'm a good catch!

A Fish Named Fred is a fresh and styleful lifestyle brand with original and colorful designed men clothing. We created a brand score along with an audiologo to further enhance their "out there" and colourful brand image. 

Brand recognition & social media

Our brand score of A Fish Named Fred works for a variety of Fred's audiovisual content, ranging from radio ads and their interview based "Fred Talks" to Tik Tok, Instagram and Youtube advertisements. Each display with the main purpose of enforcing brand recognition and brand linkage; elements that are positively influenced through the power of sound and music.


 Rob Schalker

CEO & Founder A Fish Named Fred

"Maatwerk really surprised us with an amazing tune for our La Dolce Fretta summer campaign, that we were able to use in our social media content towards our customers. The musicians paid a lot of attention to creating a recognizable sonic theme that is easily reusable in the future for a variety of genres, such as rock, raggae, dance or salsa. At A fish named Fred we have a lot of affinity with music and were therefore super critical of the end result; what they did was right the first time! So if you want to make a “Sound Stamp” of your company, you should definitely talk to Maatwerk!"


The track immediately opens with the audiologo. The crisp, clean and loud vocals resemble the modernity and "in your face" style of the brand, followed by a breath of fresh air that ushers in the summer feeling. 

A Fish Named Fred is all about having fun, so we didn't hesitate to communicate that feeling musically. The colorful bass, poppy vocals, percussive R&B beat and rythmic guitar are elements that are used to give a feeling of warmth and joy. The bridge of the track introduces a jazzy organ section combined with percussive vocals, painting an intimate, youthful and cosy setting. 

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