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When Vincent Cornelissen received the diagnosis of ALS, he decided to fight for the improvement of ALS treatment while celebrating the remainder of his life. This “life sentence”, as he puts it, emphasized the need to celebrate life every day. Honoring his way of thinking, the ALS Lenteloop manages to raise money and attention for the treatment of this terrible disease in an amazingly festive way. 


Goudenregen, named after the book written by Vincent Corenelissen, is a single composed for the five-year anniversary of the ALS-run and embodies both sides of the event. By being festive as well as subtle, the song combines the heavy load of an ALS diagnosis and the immense and powerful attitude of Vincent. ‘Gelukkig bepaalt hij zelf wat telt’ (Luckily, he decides what matters most), which makes him an example for so many victims of life throughout the world. 

The single became a large part of the Lenteloop's promotional campaign and will remain so for many years to come. Among other things, the single was used in the promotional livestream leading up to the event. We even got to perform Goudenregen live with the award winning Hermes House Band (37:00). 

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