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The Perfect Coffee

Fashion brand MR MARVIS teamed up with Dutch-Italian artist Selwyn Senatori to create a limited edition of their Original shorts.


The campaign video captures Senatori's journey across Lago di Como in search of "the perfect coffee break". Maatwerk provided an energetic jazz composition along with an Italian voice-over to support that classic Italian feel that the campaign conveys.

Play the Blues!

Even though it may sound like we hired an entire big band, that isn't the case! The soundtrack was almost entirely created with digital instruments and realistic sound effects, making it very easy to adjust and add sound. The only "real" instrument? The summer smooth saxophone!

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 Patrick Maase-Rotermundt.

Senior Art Director MR MARVIS

"The flexibility in which the music could be adjusted so easily without disrupting the total feel of the track, was incredibly efficient and pleasant to work with. The way the guys from Maatwerk musically interpreted our brief was spot on, and gave the right feel to the film. The track contributed in a big way to the end result."

The Release Party

To bring the classic Italian style to life, Maatwerk gave a live jazz performance in true Italian fashion at the release party of the collaboration with Senatori. The thriving atmosphere turned their Amsterdam flagship store into the inspiring setting of "the perfect coffee break". With the energy almost tangible and the limoncello flowing abundantly, this certainly was a night to remember.

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